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Caroline Ward - Creator And Founder Of Kegel Magic.com

Dear Ladies (and Gentlemen!),

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Caroline Ward and I decided to put this site and information together because about 4 years ago I ran into a problem.

If you are reading this site then I would bet my bottom dollar you too are having similar problems too, and no doubt finding it tough to get a solution, just like I did!

So let me tell you my story and how this site and information came into existence! You will not regret reading through!

It All Began About 4 Years Ago...

I was in labour with my first child Bradley, and thank God it went smoothly (I was very nervous as you can imagine!) - within 3 days we had little Bradley back home and I was enjoying the new little person that had been bought into the world despite the sleepless nights!

Even if he was not crying I kept on feeling like I had to check on him!

Well this story is not about Bradley, it is about my relationship after our Baby was born!

I have been married to Terry for 7 years and we have always enjoyed a healthy relationship and all the fun that came with it.

Having A Child was The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Us...

If you are a new Mom or expecting a Baby then you are in for a treat!

Although of course this does come at a cost!

We still enjoyed a healthy sex life, although things were slightly different post child-birth.

It just did not feel quite the "Same"...

As mentioned above, Terry and I have always had a close relationship and could tell each other anything!

However this was something else!

I thought that eventually things would get back to normal "down there", and it was just a temporary condition due to child birth.

Boy Had I Got It Wrong...

After several months although we were having a healthy sex life, I just was not regaining the same kind of sensation and muscle tightness as I had before!

If you are a new Mom then I am sure you will know what I am talking about!

Of course Terry did not say anything and he assured me that everything was fine and "I was worrying about nothing!", but I knew that it was different!

Not just for me, but for him as well - it even entered my head that he may begin looking elsewhere!

I decided to try and ignore it but every time we got some loving time to ourselves the same thoughts kept on creeping into my head...

I felt old, useless and past it to be blunt!

Maybe Mom's Should Just Give Up On Sex All Together...

I tried carrying on but it was stressing me out, everywhere I looked there seemed to be young couples together that were probably having explosive sex and enjoying the romance of it all!

Not to say I am a nymphomaniac, far from it!

It is as simple as this:

I Wanted The Pleasure Back...

So I decided not to be beaten and started to look up information on how to tighten love muscles online - much like you are now!

I started to do some research and discovered the truth!

There Were Thousands If Not Millions Of Women In EXACTLY The Same Position As Me...

They were all looking for the same thing - to regain the youth they thought they had lost in the bedroom department!

The other thing that I discovered is there is alot of gadgets and gizmos out there that range from $300 - $500 all "promising" to tighten up those love muscles!

Confident of an easy solution to this problem I got out my credit card and started to get all the equipment I could think of that would help me out.

I bought up Kegel Weights, Kegel Exercisers and more way more scary is the fact that at one point I even considered surgery!

I Tried Everything...

Of course some of the methods that I found had limited success, but nothing that lasted, and definitely nothing that made a huge amount of difference!

Well after spending about $500 on various exercisers, weights and quick solution gadgets and gizmos I was nearly ready to give up!

Although there had to be a way!

I decided to research the muscles groups, and I visited many online forums asking questions and paying alot of money in the process for consultants and doctors to get back to me with a solution.

Then It Dawned On Me...

The pelvic floor muscles and love muscles are EXACTLY that - Muscles!

Sounds obvious right?

Well that means if they are muscles then they can be strengthened!

So I began to piece together the information that I was given by these experts and develop an exercise course to follow.

I Was Determined To Make This Work...

I practiced the exercises morning, noon and night and after a few days I started to see a slight improvement!

At first I was a bit wary and thought that maybe my muscles were just feeling "tight" from exercising them and that it would go back to normal.

Although as I continued to exercise the muscle tightness and the sensation started to come back more and more!

So It As Simple As Exercise?...

Not Exactly!

You remember I mentioned above that I had tried everything?

Well that includes exercise as well!

So your next question will be: "OK, so what was so special about your exercises that made them work?"

Well it is the TYPE of exercise that I was doing!

Let me explain:

There are some exercises that you can find online, that if done properly you may get some limited success, but they are all missing the main point...

Different Muscle Groups Require Different Sorts Of Exercise...

This is the key to success!

While studying everything I could find about these unique muscle groups and reading up what seemed like an encyclopedia of information on this topic - I discovered you will ONLY get lasting, effective results if you do the right TYPE of exercise.

I am not talking about even the exercises in themselves!

I mean the way you hold the tension, for how long and the technique that you adopt will make a HUGE difference on whether or not the exercise works and in most cases these exercises did NOT address this correctly!

I Discovered The Secret...

So I has finally cracked it!

Within 2 weeks and not going into too much detail, the sex was mind blowing!

Terry was definitely ecstatic but that was not the main thing!

The main thing was:

I Felt Like A Young women Again...

It was amazing and I truly felt that I had the best of both worlds, I felt young again and the romance and passion was there again and on top of that I had little Bradley who I adored to bring up and enjoy all the joys of a new Mom.

I Could Not Believe How Easy This Had Been...

Although it did seem easy I knew that millions of new Moms, or expecting Moms to be were having the same fears and worries as myself.

I mean although it worked and I was over the moon - when I think back on what I felt like during those weeks of searching it makes me cringe!

I Made A Decision...

I decided to not let anyone go through the same thing as I did!

I started to piece the information together and put it all into a guide that ANYONE can use, I even told Terry about my secret (I had to in the end he just didn't keep on going on at me!) he actually thought I had surgery down there and that was the reason for the change, so for his piece of mind I had to set him straight.

I told him all about it and he said it was a fantastic idea (if only for all the Men that would be made VERY happy < his words!)

So It Was Born...

I put together a clear and concise guide that explains the problem, why it happens and also more importantly a step by step action/exercise plan that ANYONE can do to improve their sex life, but not just that:

You Will Increase Your Self Confidence, Self Esteem And Feel Like A Young Women Again...

Let Me Introduce:



Kegel Magic is everything you need to get that muscle strength back and also everything that comes with it - your self confidence, self esteem and that feeling that you thought you lost - feeling young again!

Here is some of What Kegel Magic Will Teach You:

Discover The Secret To Kegel Exercises That Give REAL Results! - A Full Introduction That Shows You Why And How They Work!

Proven Results In Under 4 Weeks! - Guaranteed Results With Ease In Less Than 30 Days From Now!

Watch Your Confidence Come Flying Back! - Ready To Feel More Confident And Have More Self Esteem? It's Yours!

Ready To Have The Best Sex You Have EVER Had? Never Mind Being Young Again This Will Be Even Better!

All Natural And Proven Methods! - Tighten Your Pelvic Floor Safely And Naturally!

A Step By Step Exercise Log! - Just Follow Along, Keep track Of Your Progress And Your Amazing Results!

Fast Track Your Results! - Use Our Fast Track Method And Improve Your Results By Up To 300%!

Kegel Exercises For Men! - Get Him To Join You And Double The Results And the Fun!

Want Extra Help? - A Full REVIEW Of The Products Out There That DO Work!

A Full Guarantee! - You Will See Awesome Results In 4 Weeks Or You Get Your Money Back!

+ much more...

In less than 4 weeks from now using Kegel Magic you will have the body that you want again, and more importantly it will respond in all the RIGHT ways.

You will even notice a BIG change in just a few days using the special techniques in the guide that are GUARANTEED to work for you!

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Kegel Magic:

Q: How Can You Be So Sure That this Will Work For Me?

A: Kegel Magic has been tested on thousands of Women just like you! New mothers, expecting mothers and even women that have never had a child before. In all cases there was a HUGE improvement in under 4 weeks and over 80% of the Women said it made their love muscles stronger then before!

Q. OK, What If I Am Not Happy With The Results?

A. If you are not happy at any time in the next 60 days just send me a quick email and I will grant you a full refund no questions asked! I am so sure you will love Kegel Magic and get some REAL results that if you are not happy you do not pay - simple as that!

Q. Do I Need To Buy Anything Else - Special Equipment Etc...?

A. No, you do not need anything else. All you need to do is read through Kegel Magic and take action with the complete exercise/action plan and you will see AMAZING results!

Q. How Log Does It Take To See Results?

A. This varies, however most people find that they see results in just a few days! At most it normally takes about a week to see results - and as mentioned above you are guaranteed results in 4 weeks!

Q. Can I Contact You If I Need Help?

A. Of course! I would love to hear from you, all you need to do is scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the "Support" link and I will help you out with any questions or help that you need.


Have A Look At What People Are Saying About Kegel Magic:


"This Stuff Really Works!"

"Hi Caroline, Just thought I would drop you a quick email to say Thank You for the guide!

To be honest I did not think it would work at all, let alone how well it did!

You have to keep up with the exercises and the key is doing them how you explain them but buy are the results good!

Thanks again, your my hero!

Sarah Bartholomew



"Saved Us Money!"

"Kegel Magic saved us money, we actually stumbled across your website as we were looking for exercisers, weights and all sorts of other gadgets and gizmos!"

We decided to give this a go and we are starting to see results it has only been about 5 days!

Awesome stuff!"

Paul And Diane S.




"Simple And Effective! "

"Glad we found this guide apart from being easy to follow (yes I did the exercises with my wife!:)) What I found good was the explanation of WHY this works."

"Very in depth and a goldmine of information, with effective results! Thank you!

Peter And Qingzhao R.




OK, So How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

Well I thought about this and I want as many people to benefit from this information as possible.

If you do a search online for Kegel exercisers you will be looking at paying about $100 to $250+ and then of course even if you go for the cheaper alternative of Vaginal weights and the like you will be looking at paying about $80+

Well I am not going to charge anywhere near that!

For a Special Introductory Price You Can Get The Full Kegel Magic Course For Just:


This is a HUGE saving on other methods and Kegel Magic has been PROVEN to work!

Don't Let Your Self Esteem Or Confidence Slide Any Longer! Take Action Today And See The Results In Just 4 - 5 Days With Dramatic Improvements In Just 4 Weeks!

It REALLY Is As Simple As That!


But That Is Not All...


Here’s my promise to you: After you’ve downloaded and tested this powerful guide, if you don't see mind-blowing results in an insanely short period of time...

If you try just SOME of these techniques and don't finally see the unbelievable results...

Whatever the reason…

If for any reason whatsoever in the next 60 days you want a full refund then just email me and I'll have it back to you within 48 hours.

That's "No Questions Asked" for a full 60 days..


Are You Ready To Feel Younger, More Confident And Also Have Mind Blowing Sex Once More?

Take Action Today And Get Ready To Experience Amazing Results FAST!


My Normal Price For This Guide Will Be $69


You will have instant access to the ebook And Can Get Started Right Away!



Get Started In The Next 5 Minutes!

Even If It Is 2am!

Buy this guide and use it for a full 60 days - if you follow the guide and it does not do what I claim, then at any time during those 60 days I will give you your money back -
no questions asked!

Once your credit card is approved, you will be immediately able to download the e-book immediately, and get started right away!

It Is Time To Get Your Life Back - And The Enjoyment That You Used To Feel!


To Your Happiness,

Caroline Ward,


P. S Remember you have a full 60 days to try out Kegel Magic and see amazing results! If for any reason you do not get the desired results or even feel that it is not working for you send me a quick email and I will issue you a full refund - no questions asked!

P.P.S Thousands have used this method with huge success and now you can too! Experience the awesome results for yourself today!





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